End of 40k Thursdays?!?
Date: Thursday, October 16 @ 11:07:17 EDT

A little bird told me this one:

"After over a decade of having any miniature game played in the store on Thursday, the staff has decided to move Open Miniature Game Night to Friday evenings and replace it with Open Collective Miniature Game Night."

Simply done to "shake things up" and/or for other, undisclosed reasons, it's unknown how exactly this will impact what has long been 40k game night for many people.

As always, people will still be allowed to play 40K (or any other game) on Thursdays if there is available table space - players of the scheduled event just have right of precedence. Still, Feeebooters showing up on Thursdays in the coming November will now have to deal with Holiday crowds, Collectible Miniatures Games, and worst of all... Yu-Gi-Oh mobs if they show up. At least with Fridays Freebooters will be able to hang out with the Warhammer Fantasy players and debate as to which system is better...

- H8

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