New Location for HYPTG
Date: Sunday, June 18 @ 09:47:48 EDT
Topic: Games Workshop News and Info

Staight from the Altered States... err... How You Play the Game website:

"We are currently renovating our new store location. It is in the P&C Foods Airport Plaza on Brewerton Rd (Route 11) just a little farther north on Route 81 from where our store is now... We hope to have this NEW store location open by the end of June 2006."

Well this seems a little more definate then the last few false starts. I thought the Erie Blvd lead would have been good, too bad that fell through. Its definately going to be interesting for HYPTG to move onto the Comix Zone's turf. I wonder how long the two will co-exist peacefully. I can almost hear, "There can be only one."

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