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End of 40k Thursdays?!?
A little bird told me this one:

"After over a decade of having any miniature game played in the store on Thursday, the staff has decided to move Open Miniature Game Night to Friday evenings and replace it with Open Collective Miniature Game Night."

Simply done to "shake things up" and/or for other, undisclosed reasons, it's unknown how exactly this will impact what has long been 40k game night for many people.

As always, people will still be allowed to play 40K (or any other game) on Thursdays if there is available table space - players of the scheduled event just have right of precedence. Still, Feeebooters showing up on Thursdays in the coming November will now have to deal with Holiday crowds, Collectible Miniatures Games, and worst of all... Yu-Gi-Oh mobs if they show up. At least with Fridays Freebooters will be able to hang out with the Warhammer Fantasy players and debate as to which system is better...

- H8
Posted by Hatemonger on Thursday, October 16 @ 11:07:17 EDT (10158 reads)
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Team Fortress 2
FreebootersTF2 goes live today, for those that pre-ordered the Orange Box.

Anyone interested in getting together in a game, message me.

- H8
Posted by Hatemonger on Monday, September 17 @ 00:19:38 EDT (14124 reads)
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Assault Phase 2007 pics
Warhammer 40,000I made a gallery for the pics I took at Assault '07.

Not many, but some good ones.


- H8
Posted by Hatemonger on Thursday, March 15 @ 12:40:13 EDT (11028 reads)
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New PtG Store Open in Carousel Mall
Games Workshop News and InfoWell, the new mall store opened this week, and I'm eager to hear opinions about it. As such, there's a new poll over there ->

Go vote.


- H8
Posted by Hatemonger on Saturday, February 03 @ 20:46:07 EST (11424 reads)
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How You Play the Game moving this week
FreebootersJust got an email in my box today saying that HYPTG is moving, um, TOMORROW. Starting Tuesday, June 27, the old location in Spaghetti Wharehouse will close and the new location in P&C Airport plaza will open up.

The end of grand era, indeed... and hopefully the start of a new one.

- H8
Posted by Hatemonger on Monday, June 26 @ 09:44:23 EDT (12360 reads)
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New Location for HYPTG
Games Workshop News and Info[fb]zetazot writes "Staight from the Altered States... err... How You Play the Game website:

"We are currently renovating our new store location. It is in the P&C Foods Airport Plaza on Brewerton Rd (Route 11) just a little farther north on Route 81 from where our store is now... We hope to have this NEW store location open by the end of June 2006."

Well this seems a little more definate then the last few false starts. I thought the Erie Blvd lead would have been good, too bad that fell through. Its definately going to be interesting for HYPTG to move onto the Comix Zone's turf. I wonder how long the two will co-exist peacefully. I can almost hear, "There can be only one."
Posted by Hatemonger on Sunday, June 18 @ 09:47:48 EDT (14281 reads)
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Altered States is moving... :(
Freebooters[FB]zetazot writes "This showed up in my email...

HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME (formerly Altered States) is moving out of the Spaghetti Warehouse building and heading for Erie Blvd East in DeWitt. This month we will be getting ready for the move. The plan is to be in our NEW location at the start of FEBRUARY 2006. The NEW location is nearest to the Bridge St. intersection of Erie Blvd East. KEEP WATCH at for directions to our NEW location!

The end of an era is at hand.
Posted by Hatemonger on Monday, January 09 @ 10:55:21 EST (11503 reads)
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How You Play the Game?!?
FreebootersOh. My. God.

I had my sleep rudely disturbed this morning by the shocking announcement that Altered States is changing its name. Read on for full story or discuss in the forums.

Posted by Hatemonger on Wednesday, December 07 @ 16:39:03 EST (11607 reads)
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Clean slate
FreebootersOk, so it's not quite the new year, but I've cleared away all the old junk anyhow. Forums have been purged and re-organized, the gallery and calendar are being updated, and I might even be tempted to go for a new style.

Suggestions are welcomed,

- H8
Posted by Hatemonger on Tuesday, December 06 @ 23:07:22 EST (11200 reads)
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Dude, where's my website?
FreebootersWell, everything looks mostly fixed now, barring losing some old announcements.

Cross your fingers.

- H8
Posted by Hatemonger on Sunday, November 27 @ 00:44:14 EST (12049 reads)
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